Community Pass is a savings app with offers from all around the community on the things you already buy, plus the things you want to buy! Some services include haircuts, oil changes, restaurants, and home repair.

Community Pass helps you save money, helps business grow through awareness and traffic, and donates to a Broken Arrow community organization of your choice.


Pass Benefits

  • It’s an app! Never forget your coupons again because they are right there on your phone.
  • $5/mo, it’s affordable for everyone!
  • Tell us your favorite places to save and we’ll ask them to put up an offer!

Business Benefits

  • Builds trial, awareness, and loyalty.
  • Change your offer at any time.
  • Drive new or seasonal offerings.
  • Move through excess inventory.
  • No risk because it costs nothing!

Fundraising Benefits

  • Don’t sell, simply share!
  • Nothing to share, nothing to collect!
  • Zero cost to you.
  • Relevant year-round.
  • Continues to pay year after year.