The Power of ONE

About Community Pass

Community Pass is the vision of two life-long marketers, Billy & Shannon Paul. They believe in The Power of One.

One positive action is meaningful, and many positive actions working together can absolutely transform a community! It takes everyone working together, but the power of one is what puts Generosity In Motion.  We all know that within a community, families can struggle financially. If One discount or value offer from One business can help a little, what can the collective power of many accomplish? Businesses struggle with getting traffic in their doors. If One customer helps them, many could sustain them.

Community Organizations, like schools and non-profits, need funding. If One dollar helps them, what if we could keep those dollars flowing continually to help them worry less about funding and more about accomplishing their mission? This was the vision; One app that puts Generosity In Motion!

Here's how it works

Local businesses put offer(s) on our app to save community members money.

Community members purchase a subscription for $5 a month to take advantage of all the offers from haircuts and food to home repairs. These provide a big pay raise with the potential to save thousands of dollars annually!

Community Pass donates One dollar of the $5 per month subscription to the local community organization the subscriber chooses!