Our mission is to put generosity in motion by saving families money, helping local businesses thrive and giving back to the community.

We all need to save money and we all have that special group that we would love to do more for – whether it’s your church’s mission trip, your child’s school, music, art, athletics, theater or a local organization that serves your community right down the road.

Community Pass was designed to give back to the community while marketing businesses at no cost and saving families money, cycling the dollars spent in your community for good. We like to call it generosity in motion!

Business Benefits

  • Posting an offer costs your business nothing, other than the redemption value of the offer you place. This takes the dollars you would have spent on customer acquisition and gives it to your customer, as a resource to spend with you! This creates loyalty.
  • Yields your best ROI on marketing dollars. Guaranteed return—because there is no cost to you, you can put your marketing dollars into a great offer to drive trial and traffic. If your offer doesn’t redeem, you’ve spent nothing!
  • Change your offer at any time! Because this is on-line, you have the ability change your offer if your offer is redeeming above expectations. You can gauge customer response to new offers/products. Changing your offer allows you to stay seasonally relevant, liquidate inventory or drive your traffic during slow seasons!
  • Builds trial, awareness & loyalty for your business.

Pass Holder Benefits

  • Community Pass provides a value on things you need and on the places you want to go in your community.
  • Our goal is to help you save money on a daily basis on everything you need and want, effectively giving you a pay raise!
  • What would you like to save on? Ask us to negotiate a discount and we will check into it!
  • The app makes it easy! No cards or coupon books to keep up with because it’s all right there on your phone or device.
  • Your purchase triggers a $15 gift to the community organization you select and $15 is donated annually to that organization until you cancel! We have a responsibility to help those that are helping our community.
  • New offers and communities are constantly being added so your savings continue to grow!

Fundraising Benefits

  • New and unique model of legacy fundraising is an on-going funding resource to your organization.
  • Community Pass is evergreen. It is seasonally relevant with appealing offers at all times so it’s there anytime during the year when you need to infuse additional funds!
    • Simple and safe as it utilizes technology and sharing to spread the word instead of selling door to door.
    • Zero upfront costs or inventory so it costs your organization nothing to participate! Money is administered directly to your organization’s account so there’s very little administrative time needed from you.  That means no order forms, collecting money, sorting or distributing inventory, etc. You can focus on your mission and let Community Pass help you fundraise!
  • Everybody wins! When asking for support, you are not asking anyone to sacrifice anything, but sharing the good news about a way to save money! You are actually improving their lives while they help you at the same time! Pass holders save, businesses thrive and organizations raise on-going funds—a win/win community ecosystem!